GoTo Lombok is a comprehensive guide to the hotels, restaurants, spas and activities on the main island of Lombok and the smaller Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

Restaurant Highlight

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  • Sengiggi
  • Jln. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi.
  • 693.619
  • medium
  • Master Card
  • Not Required
  • 7.00 a.m. to midnight, daily.
Asmara goes out of its way to be a family oriented restaurant. In front a garden courtyard behind a two level stucture, the lowest level is with table settings and bar whilst upstairs there are playstations, plastic toys and other amusements for the kids when they grow bored with the long wait at the table, whilst parents are talking. Whilst offering many German dishes Asmara also has a wide range of other cuisines including local dishes, whether it be for lunch, dinner or an in between snack. Open early in the morning for breakfast which can be German, English or a Giant Breakfast of Steak and Eggs.

Special Features

  • Free Pick-Up
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • German Spoken
  • Good Bar
  • Live Music
  • Playstations
  • Smoking Area


  • Cafe Style

    Asmara features high quality homemade breads; multi-grain, rye or white. Their sandwiches include egg and cucumber, tomato and cheese, tuna salad or chicken salad.

    Bavarian Pretzels can be enjoyed with a coffee or a drink of any description.

    Spring Rolls, Hot Dogs and a variety of salads and appetizers are all suitable anytime snacks. 


    A Quarter Pound Beef Burger is served with French fries and a side salad. It can also be topped with melted cheese.


    Apart from the standard Mie [noodle] and Nasi [rice] Gorengs [fried] there is a Chicken Curry, chicken leg cooked in coconut milk with freshly ground curry spices. Cah Daging Buncis is beef and green beans cooked in coconut milk with curry spices. 

    Kid's Menu

    For the very small babies there is a choice of Savoury Purees [either vegetarian or with chicken/fish] and an Oatmeal Milk Porridge with mashed banana without added sugar.

    All the dishes on the Kid's Menu are smaller portions that normal, as suitable for the young children for whom they are intended. Mini Schnitzels and mini Hot Dogs, Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets or just a plate of French Fries, all suitable as finger food which most children prefer, even if they do make a mess!

    Lombok [Sasak]

    Fish Pelecingan is grilled fish in a fiery chilli and garlic sauce. Sate Pusut is minced fish and spices on bamboo skewres whilst Sate Cemplung are fish and coconut patties, also in a hot chilli sauce.

    Gulai Lemak is a Lombok style beef curry with spicy vegetables.

    Ayam Taliwang is local spring chicken either grilled or fried with that special chilli sauce. Whilst these dishes are considered 'hot' they are mild as compared to eating the same dishes at more local, and less tourist oriented, warungs.


    Homemade Fettuccine, Tortellini and Spaghetti are the pastas available at Asmara. They can be had Aglio et Olio, olive oil, garlic and chilli, or Bolognese with a sauce of minced beef, or Marinara with squid, fish, prawns and mushrooms.

    The Tortellini is stuffed with a mixture of chicken, smoked beef and spinach, served in a creamy mushroom sauce.


    There are three different pizzas available. A standard Margarita, a spicy Pepperoni with beef salami and pepperoncini, or the Asmara Special with squid, tuna, shrimps and black olives. 


    Soups of Pumpkin or Tomato, Salads [Greek, Tomato or Mixed] and vegetable sides of Baby Leaf Spinach, Sauteed Bok Choy, Roasted Tomato with herbs and Spicy Vegetables with grated coconut.

    Simple pasta and pizza vegetarian combinations and a Vegetable Pie. The Indonesian menu includes a Vegetable Curry and Tahu dan Tempe Goreng, fried tofu and soy bean cake with Lombok's sambal ulek
  • German

    Frikadellen are German style meatballs [beef] with a mustard gravy, with crisp sauteed potato. Wiener Schnitzels are flattened beef in breadcrumbs, pan fried, and lent from neighbouring Austria.

    The Beef Ragout is in a red wine gravy with cream.

    The Specials part of the menu often features some German dishes, sometimes even a Meat Loaf, Hack Braten.

    German desserts include Pancakes of apple, banana or pineapple and a special Kaiserschmarren, cut up pancakes with apple and raisins.


    Chicken Blue Cheese is chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese and mozzarella and coated in breadcrumbs. Chicken Marengo is strips of grilled chicken in a creamy sauce of tomato, mushroom, onions and garlic, served with potato croquettes. There is also a Chicken Breast marinated in seeded mustard and cooked with lemon and rosemary and a Chicken Coconut which is coated in grated coconut and toppped with baked banana in a fruit curry sauce. 


    Seafood is a specialty at Asmara. At the restaurant entrance is a large water tank containing live lobsters which are cooked with either a melted garlic butter or lemon butter and a spicy chilli and sweet soy dip.

    Fresh seafood from the market includes Spring Lobsters, Jumbo Prawns and Fish. Crabs can be also be pre-ordered,

    Stuffed Squid is amazingly tender, not the rubber variety. The baby squids have been stuffed with minced shrimp, squid and fish fillet, and cooked in coconut milk with Indonesian spices.

    The Seafood Basket includes squid, prawns and fish fiillet all coated in breadcrumbs with French fries and sauce tartare. The Mixed Seafood Plate is an Asmara special; king prawns, squid and fish all in a creamy herb sauce.


    Steaks can be either 200 or 300 grms. They can be cooked with blue cheese sauce, chasseur [mushrooms in a red wine gravy], green pepper sauce, onion gravy or with a herb butter.

    For those lovers of American combos a Reef & Beef is available, a steak topped with grilled spring lobster and herb butter.
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