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The Office

  • Sengiggi
  • The Art Market, Senggigi Beach.
  • 693.162
  • Yes
  • limited
  • Master Card
  • Not Required
  • 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.
The most popular beachside bar owned by ex Asian banking identity Howard Singleton. Popular with local expatriates and locals alike. Menu concentrates on well known International dishes but still has quite a good selection of local Indonesain and Asian style options. Has a 'build your own' section of the menu with all those things that English speaking people away from home miss; baked beans, bacon, beef sausages and crunchy chips [French fries to some], although most items are included in their monster breakfasts, which is served all day.

Special Features

  • Beachside
  • Good Bar
  • Pool Table
  • Smoking Area


  • Cafe Style

    A very English breakfast [eggs, baked beans, beef bacon, toast, juice and tea or coffee] or a 4 Egg Omelette with cheese, tomato and sausage [chicken or beef] or a Breakfast Roll, toasted baguette stuffed with egg, beef bacon [or sausage], tomato and lettuce].

    Jaffles [filled with cheese, egg, chicken or tomato], Chicken Wings, Burgers and Steak Sandwich all make good snack food whilst enjoying a leisurely drink or game of pool.


    Soups of Vegetable or Cream of Tomato. Bruschetta is slabs of toasted baguette topped with chopped tomato seasoned with oregano, black olives and olive oil.

    A Tomato Jaffle [toasted sandwich in a toasting iron], or a Mixed Vegetable Salad with French dressing. The Indonesian Gado-Gado is steamed vegetables topped with a peanut curry sauce.
  • English

    A real Englsih Breakfast, and you can have it at any time of the day. Eggs, any which way, with baked beans and beef bacon, toast, juice and coffee or tea. You can add beef sausages as well if you wish.

    Fish & Chips as they should be, fingers of fish fillet breadcrumbed and deep-fried with crunchy chips.


    Hamburgers at The Office can be with a pattie of minced beef or chicken. In standard form in a toasted bun with French fries. The deluxe version has a fried egg and cheese added. 


    The standard Nasi Goreng [fried rice] comes with chicken pieces and a chicken satay, shrimp cracker and fried egg on top. There is also a seafood version with chopped seafood instead of the chicken. A full plate of Chicken Satay can be ordered with that peanut curry sauce. Bihun Goreng are stir-fried rice noodles tossed with chicken pieces and vegetables.

    Both Chicken and Fish can be had Asam Manis, in a hot and sweet sauce, servd with rice. Plecing Ayam is fried chicken with local Lombok spicy sauce.


    Spaghetti Bolognese is topped with a rich sauce of minced beef cooked in a tomato salsa. Their Spaghetti Carbonara has been tossed with beef bacon, mushrooms and egg in a cream sauce.


    Seafood Soup or the Chinese styled Asparagus and Crab Soup are available as is Fried Calamari [squid rings crumbed].

    Seafood Salad combines fish, shrimps and squid, tossed in a French dressing.. The classic Shrimp Cocktail is served on a bed of lettuce covered with cocktail sauce.

    Fresh Fillet of Fish is grilled and comes with a lemon, garlic or mornay sauce. English style Fish & Chips are breadcrumbed fingers of fish with crunchy chips [French fries]. Indonesian style Asam Manis is fillet of fish with a hot and sweet sauce and Cumi-Cumi Masak Jagung Muda is squid, stir-fried with baby corn. 
  • International

    Chicken Steak is a piece of breast pan fried with garlic butter, Cordon Bleu is stuffed with beef bacon and cheese, coated in breadcrumbs then deep-fried. Chicken Kiev has the meat wrapped around garlic butter, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

    New Zealand Lamb Chops are served with mint sauce, the Australian Sausages with mashed potato and baked beans.


    Steak sold at The Office is from Australia and can be T-Bone, Tenderloin or Striploin. The steaks are grilled and served with your choice of potato [mash, boiled or French fries] and sauces [mushroom, black pepper, mustard or brown sauce], and vegetables.

    A Royal Steak Sandwich is made using Australian Tenderloin, hot and tasty!


    Very traditional and authentic Thai section of the menu has been added [by a Thai]. All the standard dishes are there; Tom Yum [hot and sour prawn soup] and Tom Kha Gai [chicken in coconut milk with lemongrass] soups and the essential Som Tam [green papaya salad].

    The popular Chicken and Cashew Nuts, green and yellow chicken curries and many rice dishes are on the list but the standout dish is their Phat Plaa Meuk Yat Sai, deep-fried baby squid stuffed wuth a combination of chicken and mushrooms.
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